Kleen Tank gets your RV's holding tanks factory "kleen"



Wendy and Joe Bruce of Kleen Tank of MichiganKleen Tank of Michigan is just one of a family of Authorized Kleen Tank Dealers, and the first Kleen Tank dealer to be welcomed into the Authorized Dealer Program. Owned by Wendy and Joe Bruce, we’ve been providing professional RV tank cleaning service to RV owners for almost three years (and counting!). While we’re mostly servicing Michigan and upstate Indiana, we do travel all over the U.S. and Canada, staying in RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds for anywhere from an overnight to extended periods of time, including months or even seasons. We also attend many RV club or organization rallies, RV shows, and other RV-related events.

Like most Kleen Tank dealers, we started our journey in a similar way. See was believing. As with a lot of RVers, our first introduction to Kleen Tank was at an RV rally. We listened to Jim Tome’s (the founder of Kleen Tank) seminar and signed up for service. After seeing what really builds up inside the tanks we were sold and had for our yearly cleaning the next two RVing seasons. When Jim mentioned that they decided to offer dealerships, we signed up! We had experienced the process and knew we wanted to share this with others in the RV world.

Wendy and Joe Bruce of Kleen Tank of MichiganWe’re RV owners just like you! While we’ve been known to change RV’s quite frequently (5th wheels, Toy haulers, Class A’s), we are currently traveling in our Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS (so we know a lot of your frustrations!).

We love meeting new people and talking RVs, sharing our knowledge and experiences while helping people weed through all the misinformation online that they’re bombarded with daily. Kleen Tank is unlike any other company — we truly help support each other in our journey, sharing information so everyone benefits and grows. Being able to travel and see new places is also an absolute bonus.

One of our favorite experiences was meeting a certain RVing couple, just recently retired and embarking on their RV life. They had bought so many products people said they needed and were kind of overwhelmed. Being able to show them how to care for their black, gray and fresh tank properly, service their water heater and go through how some of the items they purchased worked in real life was a blast. They have become great friends and we always love meeting up with them on the road to hear about their recent adventures.

Wendy Bruce, Kleen Tank of Michigan, performing an RV tank cleaning serviceThe best thing about interacting with RVing customers is the knowledge they have. I always learn something and appreciate the tips and tricks they share. Also seeing the upgrades some have made to their rigs — it’s just amazing!

We love Kleen Tank’s excellent reputation with our customers. When someone makes an appointment they know they will get a high level of professionalism and service. Along with that, the family atmosphere we as dealers have means customers get taken care of, no matter where they’re at. If you have a question, you have a family of dealers to call on for help or brainstorming ideas.

We’re always glad to hear from RVers with questions and inquiries and as we travel, be sure to see where we’re at (or going to be!) so we can meet up and even schedule your RV for a professional tank cleaning. You can call us anytime or reach out to us online. Thanks and we’ll see you “out there.”

“Wendy cleaned our grey, black,and hot water tanks. Our hot water tank was clean but I couldn’t believe all the mold that came out of our black and grey tanks. I feel so much better knowing our tanks are clean. Wendy was very professional and she was great with our dogs. Thanks.”

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Your RV’s sensors aren’t accurately reading because your waste holding tanks are dirty, no matter what you do to them. Onboard sprayers aren’t taking care of the problem. Enzymes and other chemical tank additives are only making the situation worse. You’ve probably given up hope of them every working properly again.

Kleen Tank’s hydrojetting process is the ONLY way to get your tank sensors working properly — and accurately!